Type of Fiber Optic Cables

TELXPERT has a Fiber optic Cables which have a construction of optic fiber, loose tube or tight buffer or semi-tight buffer, strength members (FRP, Steel wire, Aramid yarns, Glass yarns, etc.), water blocking material (tube jelly, Cable jelly, water blocking yarns, water blocking tape, etc.), armor (steel tape, aluminum tape, steel wire armor, FRP armor, etc.), Cable sheath (PE, AT, LSZH, FRPE, PVC, Nylon, etc.). Meet with all kinds of operating environment.

Type of Fiber Optic Cables

  • Indoor Optical Cable
  • Duct Optical Cable
  • Direct Buried/UG Cable
  • Aerial Cable : ADSS , Figures 8 Type
  • Armored and Unarmoured Cable

  • Air Blowing Fiber Optic Cable
  • Micro Fiber and Cable
  • Flame-retardant Cable and Fire-resistance Cable
  • FTTH Cable: Flat Drop , Indoor, Outdoor, Direct Buried, Duct FTTH Cable
  • Special Optical Cable:

    Ribbon Cable, Submarine Cable, Anti-rodent Cable, Mine Fiber Cable, Military Cable, All Dry Cable, Sewer Cable, Pavement Cable, Detection Cable etc.
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